So this winter has been quite interesting.  It includes SAD, Josh, drama, new students, subbing nearly daily as well as skipping, being alone in my house, messes, learning, new Adele music, hoping for Mrs. Brown’s job, singing with Clarance, ringing, singing for the Red Cross hero’s breakfast and watching the tulips in the middle of my yard bud through the snow.  That is all, I feel much better.  More.  Soon.


Island 3 – Kauai

The third island we went to was Kauai.  It was wetter and buggier than the rest of the islands we visited.  We had most of our adventure taken care of.  We spent most of our time on the beach and we did go to a nice luau.  We also took a long boat ride to see the Napali Coast.  That was the most beautiful thing we saw and we got to see dolphins too, swimming right next to the boat.

Island 2 – Maui

Just got to island 3 but will update about island 2 first.  Maui was awesome and by far my favorite.  It was also beautiful and big fragrant flowers were everywhere.  I mean everywhere.  We got to do a lot of fun things but the best thing I have done in Hawaii is Bike it Maui.  We got picked up at our hotel at 2:30am.  We drove in a van to the top of a mountain 10,000 feet in elevation and watched the sun rise.  Gorgeous!!  Then we drove down to 6,500 feet (because no bikes are allowed above that point) and rode bicycles down the mountain.  28 miles down getting up to speeds around 30-35 mph no kidding!  It was so exhilarating!  I was very nervous at first but after about a minute I was having a blast.  I cannot say enough about this adventure.  It was the funnest thing I have ever done!

Island One – Oahu

Flowers of HawaiiHoly cow!  I’ve been on vacation now for about 5 days.  We started on the island of Oahu and just traveled today to the island of Maui.  Neither hotels have had wifi, seriously. The first hotel had high speed internet but I don’t have a cable for my laptop….  But this current one provide the right cable so I can actually be in the internet!  Yay!  I also have my own room and bathroom in this one a great luxury!  However the chairs in my dad’s room are “weird” so he has to sit in here with me, disturbing my solitude.

The first island of Oahu was very beautiful and our place was in the middle of the city of Waikiki.  Pretty much a busy city with great views and a gorgeous beach nearby, within walking distance.  We got to tour Pearl Harbor and see the USS Arizona Memorial.  Beautiful in a way something like that can be.  We ate at some interesting restaurants and I tried a Blue Hawaiian.  The pineapple here is amazing.  One neat thing we got to do was go to a Polynesian performance.  We spent the day learning about their culture.  Then we went to a luau with lots of  local food which was delicious.  Then we ended the night with an outdoor drama.  It was a little late for me to enjoy it entirely but the actors and native singing were very good and entertaining.

Haven’t really talked to anyone from home, my sister and Derek a little.  Today we just spent traveling to this new island and going shopping, eating and chilling at the pool.  We checked out the nearby ocean.  So it was a pretty laid back, enjoyable day.  The sun’s not shinning too much.  I don’t know if it’s the same on this island or not but on Oahu a few times a day it rained. So you’re out walking in the hot sun and it starts sprinkling so lightly that it nearly evaporates as it hits your skin.  It only lasts a few minutes and usually results in a rainbow which you can see end to end.  Gotta love that.  On that island we saw several rainbows on any one day.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.  Well, peace out for now.  More to come soon.  Aloha!!!!

Super Busy

So lately I’ve been super busy.  To the point that not only have I cancelled my guitar lessons for the last few weeks, I haven’t even had to time write on here what  a fun thing this is.  Lots more good news to share, besides the fact that I can now get through dueling banjos 🙂  I have been accepted to Capital University and will be attending this summer to start on my graduate studies!  Very exciting!  It will be good to be back in school.  It will give me something to do besides hang out with my family….

Got to see an OLD friend the other day.  My boyfriend from elementary school.  I haven’t talked with him since 5th or 6th grade, seriously.  But we went out for lunch and later hung out at his place.  He and his gf just broke up.  There’s no chance of us being together for a while, this has really been hard on him.  I know where he’s coming from and I hope he understands that.  But it really did feel right being in his arms for a few hours.  It’s kinda like we both grew up, but besides that, no time has passed.  He’s such a sweetheart and likes building/fixing things.  Especially things with motors 🙂  He just finished restoring a paramount phonograph.  He played it for me the other day, very cool.  I told him that I’ll have to have him show that to my students someday.  We still need to do some talking and I swear that cruising needs to happen.   Lord, help me to be what he needs me to be.

Another friend who’s getting married has proved my point.  I haven’t heard from him in about a month.  Very long for us not to get to talk.  Also Kelly James has been MIA and the last time I talked with him he had just broken up with his gf and his dog died.  I think he needs to come get a hug from his little sister.  I think that’s all for today.  Definitely more to come.

Kel Climbing

Another Day

Ha, great song from RENT.  Anyway, it’s been a little while, just thought I’d make a new post, not that anyone reads this, but that’s cool.  I enjoy it.  Another weekend spent hanging out with my parents, this time actually watching a good movie, A-Team.  Nothing exciting to report.  Still love my laptop.  Thinking a lot about a good friend of mine.  He’s getting married to a girl I’m sure he loves.  It will be hard to deal with his married life.  He’ll be different.  Hopefully I can still be there for him at least.  I got to sub Monday, it was a great day.  1st grade through 5th grade (the best) MUSIC! all day long.  Actually 10 classes of elementary music!  Gotta love being a music teacher.  But a week full of snow days resulted in no more subbing.  Hopefully next week I’ll be subbing more.  It has  been too long since I’ve been in the classroom; it’s what I’m supposed to be doing.  My day will come.  And I’m very excited!  Ciao!

What a Day

Got to work early to be greeted by an empty parking lot.  The day continued to be crappy until I left work early (with my sun roof open) to go to a doctor’s appointment.  Hardly had to wait at all to be seen and get to go again next month.   Then I came home and got to see my best friend from high school.  The last time I saw him was about six months ago.  I love him so much, it was so good to see him again.  He looks good and listens to crappy music.  It was nice to learn that he is also a gleek 🙂 and has yet to watch the Christmas episode!  He swears season 1 was better but I told him that he has to watch that episode before he can make a fair judgement.  Now I’m ranting.  Basically my day sucked until I got to see Kelly and the two hours I got to spend with him were wonderful enough to make my day worth it.  Really.  Thank you Kelly James.