What a Day

Got to work early to be greeted by an empty parking lot.  The day continued to be crappy until I left work early (with my sun roof open) to go to a doctor’s appointment.  Hardly had to wait at all to be seen and get to go again next month.   Then I came home and got to see my best friend from high school.  The last time I saw him was about six months ago.  I love him so much, it was so good to see him again.  He looks good and listens to crappy music.  It was nice to learn that he is also a gleek 🙂 and has yet to watch the Christmas episode!  He swears season 1 was better but I told him that he has to watch that episode before he can make a fair judgement.  Now I’m ranting.  Basically my day sucked until I got to see Kelly and the two hours I got to spend with him were wonderful enough to make my day worth it.  Really.  Thank you Kelly James.

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