Another Day

Ha, great song from RENT.  Anyway, it’s been a little while, just thought I’d make a new post, not that anyone reads this, but that’s cool.  I enjoy it.  Another weekend spent hanging out with my parents, this time actually watching a good movie, A-Team.  Nothing exciting to report.  Still love my laptop.  Thinking a lot about a good friend of mine.  He’s getting married to a girl I’m sure he loves.  It will be hard to deal with his married life.  He’ll be different.  Hopefully I can still be there for him at least.  I got to sub Monday, it was a great day.  1st grade through 5th grade (the best) MUSIC! all day long.  Actually 10 classes of elementary music!  Gotta love being a music teacher.  But a week full of snow days resulted in no more subbing.  Hopefully next week I’ll be subbing more.  It has  been too long since I’ve been in the classroom; it’s what I’m supposed to be doing.  My day will come.  And I’m very excited!  Ciao!

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